jmp ctrl : Cruz Control / Recon Party

 and Recon present

jmp ctrl

le 10 juillet 2010 @ café Campus, Montréal


Recon is a reverse engineering and security conference held in Montreal.

y0 check it, Saturday night we are throwing a big party. It will be open to everyone.

There will be a 5$ cover charge for people who arrive after 10pm, but you should really be there earlier as you would be missing the lightning talks and monochrom #26-34 phatzine release

There will also be a book signing with Richard Thieme and Monocrom.

Here’s the plan, so far:

1. Lightning Talks

2.monochrom #26-34 phatzine release

3.Dual Core 

4.The Gulf Stream & VJ Ma »

5.Banditos & YanKat + Vj Meuh & HpNoTik 

6.Kasdal + VJ Push1Stop

Petit Campus
57 Prince Arthur East

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