Hiatus || Third || Max Cooper Remix

Music : Max Cooper
Video : Vicetto

Max Cooper :
For the video, I wanted to have a visual representation of the track which captured the soft flowing feel of the music in addition to the slightly chaotic detail and complexity built around the core. It was also great to bring the human aspect into the video (I’ll say no more and try not to ruin it before you watch it) on top of the computational electronic backdrop.

On my part, I provided a brief about my ideas and interests, and I rendered every element of the track out as independent parts, so that Vicetto could use each element in the track to trigger elements in the video. We then went through several rounds of ideas and discussions, whereby the entire video changed completely from start to finish (it was originally a form of nature documentary!), until we arrived at something that we were both happy with. In terms of the technicalities of the method for generating the video from the audio, I will leave that up to Vicetto to describe.

« The Piano1 and Piano2 parts of the track emit particles, traced to the centre, whose movement is based on parameters like the complexity and amplitude of the sound. The bass controls the growth of the sphere and the strings the ‘clicks’, and the sound as a whole changes the colour of the animation. The speed is controlled by the frequencies of the sound, and there’s a limited amount of adjustment of the effects by hand to keep the animation nice. »

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