Pe lang || Moving object series

2010, Swiss Art Awards, Basel, Switzerland

« Moving objects“ génère une variété de mouvements qui découlent de la même structure.
Chaque « objet » est constitué de deux moteurs identiques, faisant face l’un à l’autre et tournant à la même vitesse dans des directions opposées.

« Moving objects“ generate a variety of movements deriving from the same structure.
Each « object“ consists of two identical prepared motors, facing each other and rotating in opposite directions at equal speed.

About Pe Lang : 

« Pe Lang’s kinetic objects obey a stringent constructive optimization in which each element can be decoded with respect to its functionality. Nothing about them seems ornamental or arbitrary. Their syntax is dominated by precision and control as the framework for sophisticated aleatorics, in which order and chaos are placed in fragile balance. This happens within an intensely aestheticized context wherein each detail has a formal significance. » (Text: Marc Welmann).

Pe Lang, born in 1974 in Switzerland, lives and works in Zurich and Berlin.kinetic, 

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