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The Clair Obscur is looking for new methods of communication between the computer and the dancer. By the interaction / synchronization of him with multimedia tools, the Clair Obscur questions the place of being human in its environment, especially a digital environment that surpasses it.

Here we have the staging of a nervous system increased, the show beat like a muscle, a synaesthetic machine, organic and digital … The aesthetic framework of performance : impulses, nerve, and still need to push the limits of cognitive fields. We implicitly questioning the perception of our own bodies, our ambiguous relationship with contemporary digital environment: Are we Exponential body? or slaves?

Conception / Espace / Coordination / Lumières : Frédéric DESLIAS

Conception / Création Audio-Visuelle : Fabrice PLANQUETTE

Création Vidéo : NOHISTA

Cobayes: Lucia MENDOZA / Julien BÉZY

Chorégraphie: Julien BÉZY / Lucia MENDOZA / Yum Keiko TAKAYAMA

Développement Software/Hardware : Olivier GUILLERMINET /Fabrice PLANQUETTE / Armand AHMADI / Guillaume LEFEBVRE

Régie Générale : Melchior DELAUNAY

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