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AV show performed to celebrate the release of the album ‘Getting to Sirius’

Visuals by Rebel Overlay

music by Duffstep



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Joanie Lemercier & Visual System || -∞

In 1958 a World’s Fair was held in Brussels, Belgium and to mark this monumental occasion they built the Atomium. Designed by André Waterkeyn its structure—steel-clad spheres connected by tubes to form a square—mimics the structure of an iron crystal magnified billions of times. Fast forward 55 years and now, inside this iconic building, resides a light installation called -Infinity, a collaboration between Joanie Lemercier and Visual System.
It’s part of a summer exhibition entitled ID#2013 Poème Numérique inspired by Le Corbusier and Xenakis’ innovative video installation Poeme Electronique which featured at the 1958 Expo.
For the site-specific installation -Infinity the artists investigate « the spatial qualities of light ». Sticks of LEDs ride up the interior of one of the spheres, augmenting the structure and responding to sounds and tone—this is complemented by a « polygon planet » suspended from the ceiling, built by Joanie Lemercier as a cardboard origami structure which has visuals projected onto it (text by Kevin Holmes).

Team Joanie Lemercier: Olivier Ratsi, Unc et Adrien Boulanger « BOU »

Team VS: Julien Guinard, Vincent Obadia, Benjamin Lorthioir,Ambroise Mouline, Pierre Gufflet, Joachim Correia, Ian Castronovo, Le Tone, Tom Modeste, Sebastien Escudie, Thierry Pillet et Valère Terrier

Création musicale originale : Thomas Vaquié

Thanks to Henri Simons, Arnaud Bozzini, Johan Vandenperre and all the Atomium Team

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Manfred Mohr || Transformation I

« This short 16mm film (around 1 1/2 minutes) is ‘Transition I’ (1972-1973). As an inauguration gift, I transformed a sketch of the new city hall into the coat of arms of my hometown Pforzheim.

During my one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris in 1971, I met the CEO of C.G.M (La Companie Generale de Micromatique), a data storage and preservation company, which specialized in micro films. He invited me to experiment on their brand new machine DATAGRAPHIX 4460 to make computer animations. I gladly accepted and during the next 4 years I made several short computer films. It was a very painful experience since the process was very slow and the turnover dragged out over many months.

For the film, each frame was drawn in high resolution with a light beam directly from the computer onto 16mm film to create the animations.

This short 16mm film (around 1 1/2 minutes) is ‘Transition I’ (1972-1973). As an inauguration gift, I transformed a sketch of the new city hall into the coat of arms of my hometown Pforzheim. Images from this film are published in the book: Pforzheim 1973 (see below). »


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Carlo Vega || Gray Keys

Visual: Carlo Vega 
Audio: Chilly Gonzales


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Letters & Numbers








Cover designs for The Mixtape Club, an organization dedicated to the art of the mixtape. Ten people, ten tracks, ten album covers.

The project was started by designers Brian Thomasand Micah Panama.


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Ion Lucin || Spherikal

Petits exercices visant à expérimenter et explorer toutes les possibilités graphiques de proposer la représentation d’une sphère. Les animations sont toutes faite en 3d utilisant Cinema 4D et After Effect.

animation : Ion Lucin

musique : Brand X





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