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Joanie Lemercier & Visual System || -∞

In 1958 a World’s Fair was held in Brussels, Belgium and to mark this monumental occasion they built the Atomium. Designed by André Waterkeyn its structure—steel-clad spheres connected by tubes to form a square—mimics the structure of an iron crystal magnified billions of times. Fast forward 55 years and now, inside this iconic building, resides a light installation called -Infinity, a collaboration between Joanie Lemercier and Visual System.
It’s part of a summer exhibition entitled ID#2013 Poème Numérique inspired by Le Corbusier and Xenakis’ innovative video installation Poeme Electronique which featured at the 1958 Expo.
For the site-specific installation -Infinity the artists investigate « the spatial qualities of light ». Sticks of LEDs ride up the interior of one of the spheres, augmenting the structure and responding to sounds and tone—this is complemented by a « polygon planet » suspended from the ceiling, built by Joanie Lemercier as a cardboard origami structure which has visuals projected onto it (text by Kevin Holmes).

Team Joanie Lemercier: Olivier Ratsi, Unc et Adrien Boulanger « BOU »

Team VS: Julien Guinard, Vincent Obadia, Benjamin Lorthioir,Ambroise Mouline, Pierre Gufflet, Joachim Correia, Ian Castronovo, Le Tone, Tom Modeste, Sebastien Escudie, Thierry Pillet et Valère Terrier

Création musicale originale : Thomas Vaquié

Thanks to Henri Simons, Arnaud Bozzini, Johan Vandenperre and all the Atomium Team

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Igloo dôme || Mapping

Petit test de mapping dans un dôme en attendant patiemment Igloofest.

5 octobre 2011 avec Black Tiger Sex Machine et vj Ma »

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